Petrol And Diesel Price Update: Check fuel rates in your city before planning any long drive today

Petrol And Diesel Price Update

Petrol And Diesel Price Update: Oil companies have released the latest prices of petrol and diesel for Thurusday 14th December. Yesterday there was a decrease in the prices of crude oil at the international level, after which the oil prices have been updated today.

The last adjustment in petrol and diesel prices happened on May 22, 2022, and since then, no changes have been implemented. Presently, petrol prices exceed ₹100 per liter in various parts of the country, with some states imposing additional VAT, further increasing the fuel costs.

Petrol And Diesel Price Update: In Metropolitan cities

In the capital city Delhi, the price of petrol is Rs. 96.72, and diesel is Rs. 89.62 per liter. In the Mumbai, petrol is stable at Rs. 106.31 per liter, and diesel is at Rs. 94.27 per liter. In Chennai, the petrol price is Rs. 102.63 per liter, and diesel is Rs. 94.24 per liter. Kolkata sees petrol at Rs. 106.03 per liter and diesel at Rs. 92.76 per liter.

How to check fuel price in your city:

Oil marketing companies regularly update fuel prices, and consumers can check these rates on the websites of companies such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and Indian Oil Corporation. Additionally, customers can easily ascertain local petrol and diesel prices by visiting the oil marketing companies’ websites or sending an SMS with the city code and “RSP” to 9224992249 for Indian Oil customers or 9223112222 for BPCL customers.

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