Petrol and diesel prices hikes for fifth consecutive day across the country

Petrol and diesel prices were hiked for the fifth consecutive day across the country on Sunday. The latest increase that follows the unrelenting hike in international oil prices has pushed pump rates across the country to their highest-ever levels.

Following are the prices of diesel and petrol in few cities in the country:

  1. Mumbai

Petrol – Rs 113.46 per litre
Diesel – Rs 104.38 per litre

  1. Delhi

Petrol – Rs 107.59 per litre
Diesel – Rs 96.32 per litre

  1. Chennai

Petrol – Rs 104.52 per litre
Diesel – Rs 100.59 per litre

  1. Kolkata

Petrol – Rs 108.11 per litre
Diesel – Rs 99.43 per litre

  1. Bhopal

Petrol – Rs 116.26 per litre
Diesel – Rs 105.64 per litre

  1. Hyderabad

Petrol – Rs 111.91 per litre
Diesel – Rs 105.08 per litre

  1. Bangaluru

Petrol – Rs 111.34 per litre
Diesel – Rs 102.23 per litre

  1. Guwahati

Petrol – Rs 103.59 per litre
Diesel – Rs 96.13 per litre

  1. Lucknow

Petrol – Rs 104.54 per litre
Diesel – Rs 96.78 per litre

  1. Gandhinagar

Petrol – Rs 104.46 per litre
Diesel – Rs 104.03 per litre

  1. Thiruvananthapuram

Petrol – Rs 109.84 per litre
Diesel – Rs 103.51 per litre

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The petrol prices in most of the states across India have already crossed the Rs 100 mark, while the diesel prices in most states remain just below Rs 100.

The states where the diesel prices have crossed the Rs 100 mark are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Kerala, Karnataka and Ladakh.

Difference in the price of petrol and diesel in the states varies due to the tax and the cost of transportation imposed by the central and state government.

Meanwhile, the country’s soaring fuel prices are unlikely to be reversed very soon. The central government is in talks with a number of oil-exporting countries about oil supply and demand, but there is no chance of fast price relief.

How to check petrol and diesel price in your city

Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum revise fuel rates daily, taking into account crude and rupee-dollar rates in international markets. Any changes come into effect from 6 am every day.

For new rates, you can get information by visiting the website. At the same time, you can also check the rate through SMS on mobile phones. However you can also find out about the price of petrol and diesel by sending an SMS to 92249 92249. You have to send RSP petrol pump dealer code to 92249 92249. If you are in Delhi and want to know the price of petrol and diesel through message, then you have to send RSP 102072 to 92249 92249.

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