PPF: Golden Investment Opportunity! Invest Rs 5000 in this scheme and get upto Rs 26 lakhs on Maturity, Check How


PPF: Seeking a safe, tax-free investment with guaranteed returns? Look no further than the Public Provident Fund (PPF)! This government-backed scheme offers attractive interest rates, making it a popular choice for Indians seeking long-term financial security.

Why Choose PPF?

Options at Maturity

  1. Withdraw Everything: Enjoy the accumulated sum, tax-free!
  2. Extend & Invest More: Continue earning interest by extending your account in 5-year blocks and making additional contributions.
  3. Extend Without Investment: Maintain your balance and keep earning interest without additional contributions.

How Rs 5000 Becomes Rs 26.63 Lakh

With consistent investment and the current interest rate, here’s how your PPF can grow:

Initial Investment (Yearly)Maturity Amount in Lakhs (After 15 Years)Maturity Amount in Lakhs (After 20 Years)Maturity Amount in Lakhs (After 25 Years)

Where to Open a PPF Account

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