Reward Points Fraud Alert: Beware! SBI warns of Rising Reward Points Scam, Check How to Protect Yourself

Reward Points Fraud Alert

Reward Points Fraud Alert: Phishing scams are getting craftier, and SMS with fake links is a common method used by fraudsters to steal your money. This article focuses specifically on a recent SBI Reward Points scam doing the rounds and equips you with the knowledge to stay safe.

Check out SBI’s warning here:

Beware of Fake Links in Reward Points SMS

Fraudsters are sending SMS claiming to be from SBI, urging you to click on a link to redeem your reward points. This link directs you to a fake SBI portal that looks genuine. If you enter your login credentials there, you’re unknowingly handing them over to scammers.

Here’s how the scam unfolds:

Protect Yourself from SBI Reward Points Scams

Here’s what you can do to safeguard yourself from SBI Reward Points Scam:

By following these simple steps you can protect yourself from falling victim to SBI Reward Points scams and keep your hard-earned money safe.

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