Shark Tank India: Entrepreneur Vineeta Singh Denies Death Rumors, Seeks Action Against Misinformation Campaign

Shark Tank: Entrepreneur and Shark Tank India judge Vineeta Singh has taken to social media to debunk persistent rumors surrounding her supposed demise. Addressing the false claims that have been circulating for weeks, Singh shared her frustration and efforts to combat the misinformation campaign.

Entrepreneur Vineeta Singh Denies Death Rumors

In a post on X, Vineeta Singh, also the CEO of Sugar Cosmetics, shared a screenshot of a misleading report titled “A hard day for India: We say goodbye to Vineeta Singh.” Dismissing the claims, Singh highlighted that such false reports have been circulating for the past five weeks despite her efforts to counter them.

Seeks Action Against Misinformation Campaign

“Been dealing with paid PR about my death & my arrest for 5 weeks. Ignored it at first, then reported to @Meta several times, filed @Mum_CyberPolice complaint but it’s not stopping. The hardest part is when folks panic & call my mom. Any suggestions?” Vineeta Singh wrote in her tweet.

Singh expressed her frustration with the situation, particularly when people reach out to her family to verify the false news. Seeking suggestions from netizens on how to handle the ongoing misinformation campaign, she highlighted the impact of such rumors on her personal life and the distress caused to her loved ones.

Reacting to Singh’s post, many social media users expressed concern and urged the authorities to take prompt action against the spread of fake news. The incident underscores the challenges posed by misinformation campaigns and the need for robust measures to address them effectively.

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