Why are Film Shooting Activities Shifting Away from Delhi? Sitare Zameen Par Reduces Delhi Shoot, Raid 2 Moves to Lucknow and MP

FIlm Shooting

Lately, a lot of films and web series have skipped scenes from the congested streets of Delhi. In order to replicate the vibrant spirit of the nation’s capital, filmmakers are instead opting for other locations like Lucknow and Madhya Pradesh. However, why the sudden departure from Delhi? Let’s find out.

Expensive Shooting Costs

Filmmakers have to shell out a high price for Delhi’s allure. Do you want to depict the majesty of the international airport or the chaos of the Rajiv Chowk metro station? Be ready to spend a large sum of money. At Rajiv Chowk, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation charges ₹2 lakhs per hour for shooting; for four hours, the airport costs an astounding ₹12 lakhs.

Budget Constraints on Productions

Production teams had to make changes to their original plans due to the high expenditures of filming in Delhi. Even high-profile films like “Sitare Zameen Par” starring Aamir Khan were forced to reschedule their Delhi shoots. What was originally the scheduled to last a month has been shortened to 8–10 days.

Location Substitutions

The movie “Ulajh” starring Janhvi Kapoor is an excellent example of how financial restraints force location swaps. The project was originally scheduled for a 12-to 13-day shoot in Delhi, but due to financial overruns in London, it was moved to Bhopal. In a same vein, other shows have either moved to more affordable locations like Bhopal and Lucknow or they have recreated the essence of Delhi there.

Impact on Film Industry

The film business has been impacted by the soaring expenses associated with filming in Delhi. The effort of line producers, who used to manage many shoots in a year, has been reduced by 80%. Furthermore, because of the rising costs, actors and producers running their own production companies are increasingly recommending to authors not to put stories in Delhi.

Preferential Alternatives

States like Uttarakhand and Maharashtra are becoming more popular among filmmakers due to their more affordable filming venues. Especially Uttarakhand has become a shooting destination since it’s less expensive than Delhi.

Opting for Lucknow

Filmmakers who want to mimic the vibe of Delhi without going over budget are increasingly choosing Lucknow. Productions such as “Raid 2” starring Ajay Devgn and Aanand L Rai’s “Nakhreywali” have opted to film a large portion of their work in Lucknow, utilising financial incentives and economical arrangements.

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