Confused Between Hybrid and Electric Powertrain? Check Which One is More Environment Friendly

EV and Hybrid cars

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: In the last few years, we have seen a surge in the debates about Sustainable mobility primarily due to the contemporary climate conditions. Keep in mind, that we have witnessed the introduction of technologies such as Hybrid and electric powertrain. These two powertrains are the most commonly deployed powertrains across the auto industry. If you are confused about which one of these powertrains is more sustainable and environmentally friendly, check more details below.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles create zero tailpipe emissions while driving which leads to cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gas contribution. On the other hand, EVs convert most of their energy into propulsion which makes them more efficient than gasoline vehicles. Apart from this, charging with renewable sources like solar or wind further reduces the carbon footprint of electric vehicles.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are different as these vehicles with hybrid powertrains emit less CO2 than gasoline vehicles, especially in stop-and-go traffic where the electric motor takes over. When it comes to driving range, hybrid vehicles come with larger gas tanks and can travel further than most EVs before needing to charge. On the other hand, hybrid vehicles don’t rely solely on charging stations and can function like traditional gasoline vehicles as well.

Which One is More Environment-Friendly?

In terms of carbon footprints, while considering electricity generation emissions, EVs typically have a lower carbon footprint than hybrid ones. Hybrid vehicles perform better in long-distance highway driving while EVs excel in city commutes and shorter trips. The impact of EVs depends heavily on the source of electricity used for charging. Renewable energy minimizes their footprint while coal-powered grids negate some of the environmental benefits.

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