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Darlings Movie Review: Not just Alia Bhatt but Vijay Varma also aces in this ‘tragedy mein comedy’

Darlings Movie Review: Well, the tale of hope and Revenge is out on Netflix, and portrays domestic violence in the most unusual manner. It is indeed a sensitive topic and revolves around shattered dreams and hopes. This story of hopeless love and a loving mother-daughter duo is what will make you want to watch this dark comedy.

The Plot

So the story revolves around Badrunissa (played by Alia Bhatt) who falls in love and marries Hamza (played by Vijay Varma), but later turns out to be an alcoholic and beats his wife. Then Badrunissa’s mother, Shamshunnisa (played by Shefali Shah) stays in the same chawl in Byculla and encourages as well as motivates her daughter to get rid of her abusive husband. (But she just doesn’t) where, Alia, like many women, has still not lost hope. She wants to have a baby with her husband, fulfill the dreams she had seen with Vijay and keep finding ways to change her, In some hope.

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The plus points

Alia Bhatt plays her part brilliantly as the wife who believes she can change her husband and her character is filled with endless hope.
Also, the mother-daughter duo is quite interesting to witness. A Daughter who wishes to change her husband, irrespective of the fact that he hits her and mentally harnesses her. And a Mother who wants her Daughter to come out of that toxic marriage but also supports her in every step.
While Vijay Verma shines in this one as he aces those shades of grey, sometimes by being the loving husband his wife wants, then plays a demon and again switches to being a victim, shedding those crocodile tears. Overall the direction and casting turns out to be the biggest positive for this film.

The Minus Points

Firstly, Alia’s choice to choose a sensitive topic like domestic violence as her debut project is indeed very risky yet commendable.
But then again, this plot can be a bit controversial as well as triggering for some, as the story revolves around a person who wouldn’t give up on a toxic marriage. So basically ‘darlings’ can make you angry, And question the equality and empowerment aspect in this one.
Also, the film has been tagged as a dark comedy, but the comedy aspect is kinda missing and it is more of an emotional one. While the climax raises some questions and makes you think if all this was morally right or not.

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So was Alia the best one in the film? And worth the hype. Well, Naaaa as it was Vijay Verma who totally aced this one.

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