Health Tips: Five food items that are beneficial in reducing period cramps

Every month during the menstrual phase, women have to deal with discomfort, severe pain and uneasy feelings. You can eliminate all these problems by eating right. The proper amount and the right nutrition improves the problems of the period cycle. Today we will talk about such food items which give relief in period cramps, back pain and stomach pain.

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Five food items which reduces period cramps

Cramps, back pain and stomach pain are common during periods. In such a situation, there are some useful food items which can solve these problems.


Mint is very beneficial in stomach pain and cramps. You can have peppermint tea during your period, however, avoid it if you are prone to heartburn.

Tofu or Paneer

Calcium is found in plenty in tofu or cheese, which gives relief in cramps. Intake of calcium activates the muscle cells in the body, which gives relief in cramps.


Banana is considered most effective in menstrual cramps. Iron and fiber are found in plenty in banana and our bowel movement is also fine by its consumption. Banana is also beneficial in digestive problems during periods.


Vitamin C found in lemon is very beneficial for our body. Vitamin C absorbs iron from our food and provides it to the bloodstream and tissues. There is a lot of bleeding in periods due to which weakness, fatigue, stress are quite common. Consumption of lemon gives us relief from these problems.


The iron and fiber found in broccoli is very beneficial in cramps and abdominal pain. Its consumption gives you a lot of comfort.

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