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Halim Seeds: From Fighting Hair Loss to reducing the Risk of Breast cancer, Find out 8 Amazing benefits of Halim Seeds

Halim Seeds: Halim seeds, also known as Aliv seeds, are rich in a lot of benefits. These seeds do not just contribute to the overall health and well-being but also keeps those diseases at bay by providing the right amount of nutrition. From fighting hair loss, helping in loose weight to treating anemia. Trust us, they have Some unthinkable benefits.

Reasons why you must include Halim seeds in your daily diet

Helps to fight hair loss

These Wonder Seeds help manage hair loss. To gain the maximum benefits, it important to mix Halim seeds with milk, especially warm milk and drink that particular mixture. Will do wonders for your hair!

Beneficial for weight loss

They are rich in protein and hence can help you avoid that excess overeating, hence helping in managing that weight.

Best way to attain that natural glow on the skin

As these seeds contain antioxidants, thus it makes our skin glow from inside and helps in achieving that pimple free skin!

Helps in treating anemia (iron deficiency)

So they are rich in iron, which further helps in improving the hemoglobin levels. And therefore, it can turn out to be super beneficial in treating anemia.
Note: One tablespoon of halim seeds has 12 mg of iron.

Helpful in Regulating menstrual cycle

A regular menstrual cycle is absolutely important for a woman’s overall health, Agreed? While experts have revealed that estrogen hormone are present in them and consuming such seeds helps to regulate the hormones.

Helpful in increasing height

As Halim seeds are known for promotion the production of growth harmonies, thus they can be somehow beneficial for overall growth as well.

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Helpful for lactating mothers

As halim seeds are rich in iron and protein, thus it can somehow provide nutrition to lactating mothers. Halim is one of the most common kinds of galactagogues, which are foods used to induce, maintain and increase breast milk production. One of the best natural sources, Indeed!

Reduces the risk of breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the commonest cancers in women. Where it has been righty noted by the experts, that the The anti-carcinogenic properties of Halim seeds reduce the risks of breast cancer. (In the most Natural way possible)

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