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HEALTH: Are You Afraid of Insulin Injections? Know Common Myths About Insulin Injections

Diabetes has become a common problem across the masses all over the world. Many diabetes patients are afraid of insulin. Here are the common myths associated with insulin injections.

Everyone should be aware about diabetes emerging as a global pandemic. Sluggish lifestyles, poor eating habits and genetic issues play an important role in causing diabetes. In India also Millions of people are living with this. After being diagnosed the person has to make many changes in lifestyle and take medicines to control blood sugar levels. But when said to take insulin injections, many patients ask the doctor to suggest options. The main reason behind this is the numerous myths they have heard.

Common myths about insulin injections

Myth 1: Insulin injections are addictive

Truth :  Our body produces insulin naturally. But, people suffering from diabetes cannot produce enough insulin, this is the reason behind taking insulin injections.Therefore, the notion that insulin injections are addictive is a baseless claim.

Myth 2 : Insulin causes weight gain

Truth: Many insulin users complain about gaining little weight. But, the thing to know is that the function of insulin is to help the body use food more effectively. That’s why, people suffering from diabetes should eat accordingly so that extra weight gain can be avoided.

Myth 3 : Afraid of Injection

Truth: Many diabetics are afraid to inject insulin. But, the insulin needle used these days in diabetes  is painless. Only one thing can be done, we should encourage diabetic patients to overcome the fear of getting injected.

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