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HEALTH: Know Benefits Of Including Sprouts In Breakfast, Recipe & Much More

Sprouts and vegetables are considered as very beneficial for health. But, many of us don't know how we can have them in different ways daily.

New Delhi: Sprouts are very beneficial for health, but it becomes difficult to eat sprouts on a daily basis or eat them frequently. We can take its benefits for a long time ifd the recipe is changed and not make it the same way everyday. Lets know about how we can include sprouts in our diet in easy and fun ways.

What are the benefits of Sprouts?

Before knowing about the different recipes, we should first know about the benefits it has. Sprouts are called the powerhouse of nutrition and also fall in the category of superfood. Sprouts contain proteins, folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium along many other nutrients. They are effective in sugar control and the fiber present in them is very beneficial for the stomach. It increases good fat and reduces bad fat which improves heart health.

Sprouts Uttapam

To make uttapam firstly steam sprouts for five minutes. Now add a little semolina, water, curd and salt to a bowl and make a thick paste.

Make stuffing in another bowl. For this, add the steamed sprouts and chopped vegetables and spices to taste.

Now spread the semolina on a griddle and let it cook. After some time, put the sprouts on top of the uttapam and cook it on a low flame on both sides.

Sprouts Sandwich

For making a sprouts sandwich, take two slices of brown bread and apply your favourite sauce.

Now place onion, tomato and cucumber on the bread slice and place sprout in the middle. You can also add lettuce leaves to it if you want.

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Sprouts Salad 

Take finely chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber in a bowl and add green chillies and coriander as per choice.

Now add sprouts to it and also add roasted peanuts and grated coconut.

Flavour it with sendha namak (pink salt) and lemon juice and your crunchy sprout salad is ready.

Use Sprouts As Topping

Vegetable sprouts can be used as topping in many dishes instead of eating separately. Sprinkle them as a topping on anything right from tikkis (patties) to salads or even in soups.

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