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HEALTH: Know How Buttermilk Is Beneficial For Cancer Patients

Buttermilk For Cancer Patients: In many Indian households buttermilk is found to be used on a daily basis. Buttermilk can help to control the symptoms of cancer patients and it also aids minimising the side effects after treatment.

For digestion buttermilk is considered as very important. It is easy to digest and also has easy astringent properties. Buttermilk improves digestion and naturally works against inflammation and burning. Buttermilk help in anemia and loss of appetite. Buttermilk has proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and essential enzymes. Buttermilk can be used daily. Buttermilk contains 90 percent of water. It maintain the body’s water balance. Yeasty buttermilk has a sour taste but it is organically very nutritious for the body and tissue.

How Cancer Patients Benefit From Buttermilk?

For cancer patients a balanced diet plays an important role, during treatment, and after treatment. Cancer treatment weakens a person and makes him unable to do daily household work. So, in this situation, buttermilk plays a very special role for the cancer patient and gives benefits.


Cancer treatment and medications causes diarrhea and loosen patient’s stools. The uncontrollable diarrhea causes dehydration, loss of appetite, and weakness. For this buttermilk is useful because its acid elements fight with germs and helps to clean the stomach. Buttermilk is full of good bacteria and heals the digestive intestine.


A common side effect of cancer treatment is dehydration. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment causes dehydration. Dehydration happens due to the side effects like fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive urination. For this, buttermilk is a fantastic drink to prevent dehydration because it is packed with electrolytes. 

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In some types of cancer and their treatment your taste and smell changes. Brain and throat tumors are the common causes of it. After this the patient feels short of taste when eaten or finds the food very sweet, salty. No need to worry much, these changes are temporary and heal with time. Therefore, supplement your diet with buttermilk in cancer disease or after its treatment.

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