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HEALTH: Know The Correct Recipe of Making Thekua

Chhath Puja 2021: The traditional Bihari dish thekua is made during chhath puja and other festivals. Keep these few points in mind to make crispy and delicious thekua at home.

Thekua is among famous and traditional sweets of Bihar. No matter the festival, Thekua is made for every occasion, especially in Chhath Puja. Its taste is so different from other sweets that people seldom have control over their cravings. Thekua can be stored for an extended time as they don’t turn bad easily. People often pack them for long journeys.

Thekua is made from wheat flour and also from semolina (sooji) mixed with maida. However, traditional Thekua is made with wheat flour and sugar.

Step 1: Put flour in a bowl and add enough quantity of ghee.

Step 2: Check that you have a stiff dough which is essential to make Thekua.

Step 3: Now, add chopped coconut and grated coconut or both.

Step 4: Add half the amount of sugar or jaggery, whichever you prefer, and mix well.

Step 5: Now, add little milk until the dough is kneaded.

Step 6: Use a Thekua mould otherwise prepare small chunks of dough in a round or oval shape.

Step 7: Press the round chunks of dough using your hand.

Tip for crispy thekua

– Baking is an important step. Add ghee oil to a pan on medium heat and bake on a low flame. Baking on the low flame will properly cook the insides so that no part is left raw.

– At this stage, Thekuas are still soft and can come apart easily.

– Turn over and bake the other side. Then, take them out of the heated pan very carefully.

– When Thekuas cool down, they will become crisp. Once cooled down you can store them in an air-tight container.

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