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HEALTH: Prepare This Mouthwatering Millet Tacos On Children’s Day For Your Little Ones

On the occasion of children’s day all the parents wanted to make this day special for their little ones. Nowadays we can see many parents being worried about the nutritional intake of their kids. They want protein-rich, iron-rich meal plans. But, if the intention is to bring good food to the table, it is necessary to present it in the unique form, without mentioning what all has gone into the making of the colourful food. Today’s recipe is made up of millet, parents should use beetroot, raw turmeric, pumpkin and greens are some of the essential ingredients while preparing healthy meals with millets.


Ingredients (makes 12 tacos)

· 1.5 cup little millet cooked in beetroot pumpkin puree

· Leftover greens 

· Salad with some lacto-fermented amla grated

· 2 tbsp cornmeal

· Salt to taste

· Oil to season the griddle

· Leftover hummus or any dip (can be a cheesy dip, too)

· Lettuce leaves


1. To make the tacos, cook the little millet in beetroot pumpkin puree, because kids are picky about highly nutritious vegetables.

2. Add cornmeal to the cooked millet and then kneaded it into a smooth dough. Then, divide it into 12 equal parts.

3. With the help of a parchment paper, roll out one part by gentle tapping, allowing it to cook from both sides on a well-seasoned cast iron griddle.

4. Next, assemble a taco. Try to sneak-in all the goodness with seasonal veggies and leftover hummus. 

5. Grill some chillies and enjoy them with a gentle drizzle of cheese on top.

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