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HEALTH: Try these finger licking recipes for breakfast

Everyone should have a healthy and nutritious breakfast of the day to nourish the body. Here are some of the options you can try.

A healthy breakfast is the first step towards a good day.Breakfast is an essential part of our diet. We should not skip the first meal of our day. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast makes you energized and more focused.A healthy breakfast is the first step towards a good day. Eating something filling and nutritious from break you’ll feel energized and a lot more focused, which is why many health experts advise against skipping the first meal of your day. 

Here are some delicious options you can add to your breakfast menu:

Moong Dal Pancakes

Moong is a very good source of protein. Soak the dal at night and grind with spices of your choice in the morning. Cook it in some ghee or oil. You can toppings of your choice, paneer is a good option as well. These will control your ‘hunger hormone’ called Ghrelin keeping you from nibbling on junk throughout the day hence helping you control your weight.

Sprouted Dal Salad 

Sprout salad has many benefits as it contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Combine your choice of raw vegetables with sprouts together add chaat masala and lemon to enhance the flavor. The best part is you can create different combinations by adding different vegetables or fruits and changing up the dressing. 

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You choose a smoothie easy to make for breakfast. Keep fruits of your choice in the freezer overnight, in the morning blend them in a mixer. Also add a little milk, nuts, and oats. If fruits aren’t as sweet, you can use dates for sweet taste. Dates are a rich source of energy. Top it with finely chopped dry fruits and cinnamon. This breakfast will give you all the nutrients and keep your stomach full for a long time.

Other Choice 

You can always add additional things to your daily recipes to make them taste different.For example,you can add bananas to your oatmeal or you can  eat it with curd. Add vegetables like green beans to your poha or cook your egg in a different style.

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