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HEALTH: Try this easy and quick vrat-friendly sabudana bonda

Navaratri 2021: Navaratri is all about fun, celebration, fasting and devoting oneself to god. During navratri, many people fast for nine days. As per the information of religious scriptures the person performing fast should only consume light sattvic meals. Another rule is to include only special food items during fasting. One among them is sabudana. This ingredient has many health benefits. Usually we make sabudana khichdi during fast but today we bring you a yummy and quick sabudana bonda recipe.

Benefits of Sabudana

Sabudana is high in carbohydrates which gives high amount of energy. This ingredient can help to improve digestion, reduce blood pressure, increase bone strength and can also be beneficial for skin and hair.

Navaratri 2021: Here Is The Recipe Of Sabudana Bonda 

To make this dish, first, take sabudana and add buttermilk, salt, chilli and ginger to it and let it rest overnight to soak in the flavour.

Drain the excess liquid and now add rice flour, coriander, coconut powder and form semi-soft dough. Form small laddoos out of this dough, and deep fry them. Fry till golden brown. Once done, enjoy it with a cup of chai.

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