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HEALTH: Yogurt Helps To Reduce Stress And Anxiety, Says Research

A bowl of fresh, creamy and homemade yogurt is one of the simplest foods which is both easy to make and tastes delicious. You can add fruits or vegetables of your choice like onions and tomatoes or it can be also blended into smoothies. We usually pair yogurt with our daily meals, along with the taste. It is also beneficial for our health.Curd improves the functioning of the brain and reduces stress. That is why curd is beneficial for mental health. ​

Nutrients in Curd

Nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-2, riboflavin, potassium, and magnesium are found in curd. If you eat curd with sugar then it has more benefits. Eating curd increases hemoglobin and keeps the nervous system healthy. 

Fights Against Depression

According to the research, yogurt contains a bacteria-friendly bacterium called Lactobacillus that boosts immunity and improves digestion. These bacteria change the character of the microbiome in the body which helps to eliminate depression. Yogurt converts stress hormones in the brain into feel-good hormones.

Curd and Gut

Probiotics in yogurt increases the friendly gut bacteria which plays an important role in mental health. Thus, helps in relieving from stress.

Morning Curd Benefits

Consuming curd in the morning not only helps in controlling the gut bacteria but also fights stress. Eating curd in the morning keeps us fit and energetic throughout the day. It lets good bacteria grow and helps increase immunity. 

Keeps Stress Way

By eating stress you will not be a victim of stress and other related problems. You should include at least 1 bowl of curd in your day everyday. For more benefits try eating curd in the morning.

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Prevents Vaginal Infections

The lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria found in yogurt is known to control the growth of infection in the body and kill the yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide. 

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