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MENTAL HEALTH: These Symptoms Will Help You To Recognise If Your Near Ones Are Battling Depression

Here are some points which will help you to analyse whether your loved ones are suffering from depression.

In our country still depression is considered as an issue that is not much discussed or given importance. Mental health is not considered as essential as physical health. But, by the passing of time, the importance of mental health is being understood by people. If a person want to stay mentally healthy, one has to keep depression at bay. In common identifying depression could be difficult. Here are some points that can help you understand if any of your closed ones are suffering from depression. 


If your loved ones who were cheerful and happy previously and now get irritated in a short time oftenly, they may be suffering from depression. It is not unusual to get irritated or frustrated on some things, but behaving like this on a regular basis may indicate depression in a person.

Swollen Eyes

Irregular sleep cycles and frequent crying are the reason behind the swollen eyes. Both of these problems are signs of depression. If you see your friend has swollen eyes every day, talk to him as he/she may be suffering from depression.

Weight loss

Weight loss without any specific reason may also be a symptom of depression. If a person is not dieting, working out, suffering from a disease, and losing weight rapidly then he may be suffering from depression.

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Losing Interest in Intimacy

A person suffering from depression start loosing interest in sex. This results in a deteriorating relationship between the depressed person and their partner. So, if you have a friend or loved one who no longer likes to get intimate with their partner, they may be suffering from depression.

Avoid Social Gatherings

A depressed person start losing interest in whatever happening around him. If a friend of yours is living alone, immersed in his own thoughts, to an extent that other friends call him isolated or lost, you should talk to him about this until and unless something worse may happen. 

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