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Omicron community infection in Delhi, 50% cases of this variant: Sources

Genome sequencing done in India revealed the presence of Omicron in 18% of the samples. Highly placed sources of the Union Health Ministry gave this information. These figures are based on the data of genome sequencing done from 12 December. The presence of 50% Omicron variants has been detected in positive samples from the community of Delhi. Omicron has community transmission in Delhi, in which these people who came in contact with whom are not known. In metropolitan Mumbai, analysis is being done about the presence of Omicron in the community in Mumbai.

In the month of December, about 16,000 samples have been sent for genome sequencing. The new variant Omicron has been described as highly contagious. While the number of cases was doubling in 8 to 9 days due to the old variant, Omicron’s cases are doubling in 2 to 3 days. All the positive samples from all metropolitan cities are being sent for genome sequencing, apart from this Hyderabad is also in it. Another thing is that this variant is doing a good break through infection that is people are getting infected even after the vaccine. In the wake of rising cases of novel coronavirus ‘Omicron’, the Delhi government has improved the medical oxygen infrastructure to ensure availability of the life-saving gas. According to official data, the government has also procured 6,000 D-type cylinders. A D-type cylinder can hold 46 liters of oxygen. There were no such cylinders in the city till May 31.

According to the data, Delhi Transport Corporation has more than 9,115 cylinders. The city also has ‘pressure absorption’ plants, which can produce 99.66 metric tonnes of oxygen. There was no such facility in Delhi till 31 May. The government will set up four more plants by January 5, 2022. This week, two ‘cryogenic bottling’ plants with a capacity of 12.5 MT will be commissioned, each with a capacity to fill 1,400 jumbo cylinders a day.

Till May 31, the government had only three ‘refillers’, which could fill around 1,500 cylinders per day.

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The Omicron variant is about four times more contagious than the delta variant. In such a situation, people have to be more careful. This variant may be more contagious than the delta variant, but the good thing is that people are not getting seriously ill due to this.

While the delta variant was leading to hospitalizations (about a quarter) more people, this is not the case with Omicron. Only five out of 100 affected by Omicron are admitted to the hospital and These five people also have very few symptoms. The vaccine is protecting against getting sick.

Even though it does not protect from getting infected but it does prevent getting sick. In such a situation, it is necessary that those who did not take the dose of the vaccine, they should get it done soon. It will provide protection from Omicron but along with it masks and social distancing are also necessary.

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