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Oxford says vaccine has good immune response with two-dose

Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine will be more effective on patients when given as two full doses rather than one full dose and one half booster dose. Oxford University reported on Thursday.

The university has published interim late stage trial results regarding the Oxford vaccine registered by AstraZeneca for license. It states that the vaccine is more effective on patients when given two full doses.

As reported earlier, according to the results of the final phase of the Oxford Vaccine trial, only three out of about 24,000 people saw the side effects of the vaccine. According to the results published in the medical journal Lancet, neither of the people who were given the vaccine died, nor was anyone admitted to the hospital.

Oxford University has said in a new statement that two full doses of its Covid-19 vaccine are giving better immune response.

About a month ago, AstraZeneca and Oxford admitted to manufacturing errors in the vaccine.

Only two full doses are necessary –
In a statement released on Thursday, Oxford gave fresh information on its vaccine. Said- We gave our candidates two full doses of vaccine during the trial. This led to good results. Earlier we had given a full and a half dose. In comparison, two full doses proved to be very effective.

Oxford released the trial results of Phase 1 to Phase 3 for the second time in a month. However, the reference to the first one and half dose was not given in it. The university says that the trials to be given one and a half doses were not pre-decided. Now Oxford’s emphasis is only on giving two full doses of its vaccine. He says that using one and a half and two doses was part of his strategy. Earlier questions have been raised on this, because the difference in results is also natural due to difference in dosage.

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