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Scientists discover facemask which can detect viral exposure in just 10 minutes

It has been more than three years since the corona epidemic came, but till now this disease is not taking the name of ending. No one knows when this disease will go away. As soon as the cases of infection start decreasing that suddenly they catch up again. In such a situation, the threat of corona still remains for us. To avoid corona, now researchers have made a wonderful face mask. This face mask is capable of detecting the respiratory virus, Covid-19, in no time. According to the news published in Mint, this very sensitive mask will send an alert on your mobile within 10 minutes that you are infected. That is, when you go out wearing a face mask, the mask will detect the droplets of the virus in the air. After that it will send an alert on your mobile that there is virus here, so be alert.

If an infected person speaks or coughs or sneezes, droplets or aerosols of respiratory bacteria that cause COVID-19 and H1N1 influenza are dissolved in the air. The virus-containing molecules in these aerosols or droplets remain present in the surrounding environment for a long time. Yin Feng, a professor of materials science at Shanghai Tongji University, said that previous research had shown that wearing a face mask could reduce the risk of spreading the disease. So, we wanted to create a mask that could detect the presence of the virus in the air and alert the wearer. He said that in fact our mask can work better. It will work even where there is very little ventilation. The risk of getting the virus is high in places like elevators and closed rooms. This mask will detect the virus there too.

This mask has a small sensor which can send a signal to the mobile as soon as the virus is detected. The next goal of the team of researchers is to design and sensitize the polymer and transistor in this mask so that it takes less time to detect the virus. In addition they are developing wearable medical devices to treat cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The researchers used aptamers, a type of synthetic molecule, to make a tiny sensor. It is capable of recognizing the proteins present in the virus.

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