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HOROSCOPE TODAY- 06 September 2021:Check Your Astro Prediction

The horoscope that we provide you is based on Vedic astrology.


Special care for expectant mothers.You will be presented with new financial schemes today.Take care of the pros and cons carefully before making any commitment. Take the opinion of your family members before finalising anything.

Remedy: Wear Green Coloured clothes oftenly.


Chances of your recovering from physical illness. New moneymaking opportunities will be lucrative. Love- companionship and bonding will be on the rise. Your partner thinks well of you, which is why s/he gets angry at you at times. 

Remedy: For a better love life, gift Silver Elephant to your lover.


Yoga and meditation will help you to stay mentally fit. Surplus money should be invested in real estate. Go out in the evening with friends. Love life could be a little tough. Your work today at the office will benefit you in a different way. 

Remedy: To make love life stronger, give red flowers to your girlfriend/boyfriend.


It is high time for you to overcome your fear. You must realize that it shortens life. Finances improve later in the day. A day for renewal of bonds with family. Despite a lot of conflicts, your love life will be good today. 

Remedy: Wearing pure silver bangles will improve your love life.


Health will remain good. Those who have borrowed money from anyone may have to repay the loan. Short trip to the relative’s house will bring a moment of comfort and relaxation from your daily hectic schedule.

Remedy: For career enhancement, distribute sweets among children, especially young girls.


Money gains from unplanned sources brighten up your day. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet day with family members-If people approach you with problems- Ignore them and don’t let this bother your mind. 

Remedy: Feed white rabbits with food for better financial condition.


No need to worry much, your happiness will give you more joy than disappointment. Today, there is a possibility of gaining monetary benefits, but due to your short temper nature, you may not be able to earn as expected. 

Remedy: Include use of white clothes in your daily wear for good health.


Your views could hurt someone’s sentiments. Avoid lending your money to those relatives who have not yet returned the previous amount. Your stubborn nature could ruin the peace of your parents.

Remedy: To enjoy peaceful family life, offer yellow flowers to your deity everyday.


Keep your diet under control. You will obtain benefits from . An unexpected message from a distant relative brings excitement for the entire family. Little chance to escape from the problems. 

Remedy: Having show-piece items made with the use of plaster of paris will result in excellent health.


Do not allow the feeling of frustration to hurt you. Today, businessmen of this zodiac sign should stay away from the members of their household who ask for your financial help and do not return it later. Parental help in your decision would help you immensely. 

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa and gain good health.


Problems will bring mental pressures. Investment in stocks and mutual funds recommended for long-term gains. You would have some difficulty with family members but don’t let this ruin the peace of your mind. 

Remedy: Bring more joy and happiness to family members by distributing green coloured sweets to 5 young girls.


Your energy level will be high. Stop yourself from spending extravagantly, today you can understand this thing well. Health of your spouse may cause worry and need some medical attention. 

Remedy: Offer Prasad at Shree Lakshmi Narayan temple and donate food products among needy people for a happy and blissful family life.

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