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HOROSCOPE TODAY- 08 September 2021:Check Your Astro Prediction

The horoscope that we provide you is based on Vedic astrology.


You may get relief from prolonged illness. You will step out of your house with a good state of mind. Family members will hold a special place in your life. You can quarrel with your partner on this day to prove yourself right.

Remedy: To become financially strong, respect your wife.


Maintain your mental health. Stay positive and calm as it will help in solving life problems. Today, one of your siblings can borrow money from you. Spending time with family members would be enjoyable. 

Remedy:Financial life will get better by worshipping Lord Ganesha.


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Good day filled with happiness. New sources of income will be generated through people you know. Guests crowd your house for a pleasant and wonderful evening. The day will bring the positive vibes around you. 

Remedy:Distribute stationery items like pen, notebook, pencil, to poor and needy students for good health.


You are likely to spend your time in sports. Today, you may have to spend a lot of money on your mother or father’s health. This will strengthen the relationship. Your family members are likely to create a mountain out of a molehill.

Remedy:Place the conch shell in the pooja ghar and worship it daily for good financial life.


Your enormous confidence and easy work schedule brings you enough time to relax today. Today, you can seek advice from the seniors of your family about finance management. Social activities along with the family would be highly pleasurable. 

Remedy:Enjoy a blissful family life by worshipping and greeting Lord Shiva, Bhairava, Hanuman.


The beginning of the day may be good, but you may spend your money due to some reason in the evening, which will bother you. Family members may not fulfil your expectations. Don’t expect them to work according to your wish, rather try to change your style. 

Remedy:Gift gold or bronze idols of your family deity to any religious institution and enjoy great family life.


Avoid discussing your illness. Engage yourself in some work to divert your attention from ailment. Today, you should stop yourself from overspending unnecessarily, otherwise there can be a shortage of money. 

Remedy:Keep a portion of your food separate and share with cows for a healthy life.


Take special care while working at home. Although money is an important element for you, don’t become so sensitive towards it that it spoils your relationships. Go out with friends who are positive. 

Remedy:Wear a seven mukhi Rudraksha to live a disease-free life.


Take the support of family members to relieve your tension. You must not bottle up feelings and pressure within. Sharing your problems frequently would help you. Married natives of this zodiac sign are likely to attain monetary benefits. 

Remedy:Enjoy excellent health benefits by having milk and curd.


Financial hassles will be eased out with the help of your friends. Family front doesn’t seem to be happy and smooth. Love life could be a little tough. Your hard work and dedication will speak for yourself and win you confidence and support.

Remedy:Activate positive family experiences by hanging blue curtains at home.


Too much excitement could harm your nervous system. Control your emotions. Today, one of your siblings can borrow money from you. You will be torn in many different directions if you try to take care of everyone’s demands.

Remedy:Give gifts such as perfume, fragrance, incense sticks and camphor to improve financial condition.


Today, your health is expected to be healthy. Due to your good health, you can plan to play with your friends today. You will come up with brilliant new ideas that will bring financial gains. Guests crowd your house for a pleasant and wonderful evening. 

Remedy:Use colours such as cream, white, pastels as part of your daily attire, and bring in more auspiciousness to your professional life. 

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