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India is a superpower in terms of ‘inhabitance’: Azali Assoumani, chairperson AU

India, the fifth-ranked superpower in the world, has enough room in Africa, according to the president of the Union of Comoros.

Azali Assoumani

Azali Assoumani, the Chairperson of the African Union (AU), claimed on Sunday that India is a superpower in terms of “inhabitation” and “ahead of China now.”

“India is the 5th superpower in the world so there is enough room for India in Africa. We also know that India is so powerful that it went to space. So we just need to coordinate…India is a superpower in terms of inhabitance, India is ahead of China now,” the AU chairperson said.
He also praised India for advancements in space research.

African Union Chairperson spoke about the hug he received from PM Narendra Modi

The African Union Chairperson spoke about the hug he received from Prime Minister Narendra Modi when the African Union was formally admitted to the G20. He said it was an emotional time for him.

He continued, “I thought there would be discussion before a decision is made, but at the very beginning of the two-day summit on Sunday, the African Union was announced as a member of the G20 family.”

“I was about to cry. It was a great emotion for me. Because actually, we thought that there was going to be a debate and then a decision would be taken but at the very beginning of the Summit it was announced that we were a member,” he said.

PM Modi welcomed the African Union, represented by Assoumani, to join the G20 leaders as a permanent member during his opening remarks at the 18th G20 Leaders’ Summit on Saturday.

The head of the African Union extended his appreciation to the G20 members for the group’s historic admission to the club.

Assoumani posted the following on his official ‘X’ account: “The G20 has just ratified the accession of the @_AfricanUnion into its fold through the voice of the Prime Minister of India, @narendramodi. I heartily thank all @g20org members on behalf of the African continent for this historic admittance.

PM Modi congratulated Assoumani

During their meeting on Sunday, PM Modi congratulated Assoumani on the African bloc’s entry into the G20 family.

PM Modi posted on twitter, “Had a very fruitful meeting with @PR_AZALI. Congratulated him once again on @_AfricanUnion joining the G20 family. Comoros is vital to India’s SAGAR Vision. Our deliberations included ways to enhance cooperation in areas like shipping, trade and more.”

PM Modi referred to the African Union’s joining in the G20 as a “significant step” towards a more inclusive global conversation earlier in the day.

He said that India was anticipating global cooperation for everyone’s benefit.

A union of 55 African countries makes up the African Union. PM Modi first suggested the idea of including the African Union in the G20 gathering back in June.

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