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India Tests BrahMos Missile In Andaman And Nicobar

India has once again tested one of the world’s most dangerous missiles, Brahmos.

Test done in Andaman and Nicobar

According to sources, India on Wednesday test-fired the supersonic cruise missile Brahmos in Andaman-Nicobar. According to the Defense Ministry, the BrahMos missile was successful in hitting its target with accuracy in the test. This test of India is being considered as a big sign for Pakistan.

In fact, BrahMos has been in constant discussion in Pakistan for the last few days. On 9 March, a missile from India accidentally flew during maintenance and fell 124 km inside Pakistan. No one was killed, but many nearby houses were demolished. The surprising thing was that Pakistan’s air defense system could not even detect it far from shooting this missile.

After being informed by the local people, the Pakistani Army came to know about the incident, due to which it was badly criticized in the country and outside. After this, to save its reputation, the Pakistani army issued a statement after 24 hours that its radar had started tracking this missile as soon as it was launched. But the Pakistani Army could not explain why it did not shoot down if it had tracked the missile.

Pakistan Army spokesperson told in the media briefing that the Indian missile that fell on Pakistani soil came at supersonic speed and was flying at an altitude of 40 thousand feet. Objecting to this incident, the Pakistani army sought information from India about the missile. India regretted this mistake and talked about a high level investigation. However, it did not tell which was the missile that fell in Pakistan.

According to Pakistani media, the missile that fell in the Mian Chunnu area was none other than the BrahMos missile. Which could not be caught by the radar due to its tremendous speed and flying very close to the ground. Pakistan has installed HQ-9 air defense system procured from China to shoot down Indian missiles. When China sold this system to Pakistan, it claimed that it could track down any type of missile in the world. However, his claim was blown away when the Indian missile fell in Pakistan and the air defense system given by China remained ineffective.

There is a constant discussion in the Pakistani media that this missile did not fall due to a technical mistake, but India launched it against Pakistan with full planning. So that the accuracy of the missile and the capability of Pakistani air defense can be checked. Pakistani media says that both these objectives of India were fulfilled by the BrahMos missile that fell in Pakistan.

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