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Indian American goes onanti-Hindu rant; charged with hate crime

Official on Monday said a man has been charged with a hate crime. He was charged with hate crime as a video show him verbally abusing a customer waiting for his order at a Taco Bell in Fremont, California.

According to the Freemont Police Department, 37-year-old Singh Tejinder was “seen and heard directing religious slurs and derogatory comments towards” Krishnan Iyer on August 21.

When Jayaraman was waiting for his order Singh allegedly started commenting racist remarks at him.

“A few minutes later he again said hey pick up your bean burrito and leave. You’re a vegetarian right? You don’t eat beef. You should eat beef. You Indians should eat beef,” he said.

Jayaraman says this was their only interaction before the man went on his tirade.

“I’m not here to pick a fight with you,” Jayaraman said. “What do you want, and he said you know you Hindus are a shame, disgusting. Then he spat on me.”

“The fuck your bean burrito looking at? Disgusting, bro. Maybe wear some socks,” the man gestures to Jayaraman’s feet. “Nobody wants to see your ugly ass feet. Disgusting. You people are fucking ugly.”

“Fucking nasty. Fucking disgusting human beings, bro. You’re disgusting, dog. Seriously. We’re tired,” the man says, putting his hands on his hips. “Nobody wants to fucking see you ordering bean burritos.”

“I’ll eat a Big Mac in front of your bitch ass,” the man tells Jayaraman. The man then repeatedly throws the N-word around.

“You look nasty. Don’t come out in public like this again. Sincerely, no one comes in public like this, dirty Hindu,” the man says.

“Dirty ass Hindu,” the man repeats. “Walking around with your fucking toes out. Bitch, this ain’t India! You fucked India up, and now you’re fucking America up.”

Jayaraman never responds to the heckling. But the man continues to pace back and forth between the counter, the fountain-drink machine, and a table behind Jayaraman.

“Nobody likes you. This is why you get robbed,” he said. “This is why you people get robbed on the daily. This is why you motherfuckers are victims.”

“You come out in public like this. This is why you’re a joke. Indian people are a joke,” he continues. “What are you even? Fucking jungle-y ass.”

“You were the ones to kneel first. Your people were the ones to put your head down. Bitch! It’s ‘cause of motherfuckers like you!…This is why your country will never be shit! *!” the man yells.

Almost for eight minutes, the man yells in Jayaraman’s face and blames India for being colonized during the era of the Dutch East India Company.

Further Jayaraman waited inside the Taco Bell for the police to arrive and look into the matter.

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