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Inspiring Story Of Draupadi Murmu

For a woman in our country, both the battles of private and public life are full of difficulties. Women are still fighting for equal rights from home to office. In such a situation, imagine how difficult it must have been for a woman to reach the presidency position.

Draupadi Murmu’s life had bigger challenges. Draupadi Murmu has also won the battle with depression.

Draupadi Murmu’s father, who comes from a tribal family, made her stand on her feet by educating her. She struggled to reach the first job of a clerk in the irrigation department from a village in Orissa.

But the most difficult time of life for Draupadi Murmu came in the year 2009. Her elder son died in a road accident. He was only 25 years old. It became very difficult for her to bear this shock. According to Brahmakumar Sushant, Murmu then resorted to meditation.

She joined the Brahma Kumaris Institute. In the year 2013, her second son also died. Her husband also passed away in 2014.

This storm could have drowned her, but Draupadi decided to fight against her depression.

She started doing meditation. Since 2009, different methods of meditation have been adopted. Continued to visit Brahmakumari Sansthan located in Mount Abu.

According to Brahma Kumari Neha of the organization, they are not associated with any one religion. Spirituality is taught here. Strengthening the mind, calming down, being happy – the emphasis is on recognizing and enhancing these powers of the human being.

Draupadi Murmu is a devotee of Shiva. She is the only woman to have traveled from the Santhal tribal section to the post of President. She is recognized as a woman living with simplicity and taking strong decisions. But her life can inspire many of us who start thinking small difficulties as the end of life.

There is no greater sorrow than losing loved ones and Draupadi Murmu has faced this sorrow like a mountain many times and has achieved big goals instead of sitting in defeat in life.

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