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Is Google Planning to SLASH Jobs? Know What CEO Sundar Pichai Said

Sundar Pichai Google CEO says he wants to see the firm 20 percent more efficient by ensuring that “employees are really productive”.

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Pichai commented this while addressing Code Conference in Los Angeles. His statement is being seen as hint at slashing jobs.

Pichai also talked about plans for company growth amid economic uncertainty.

“We want to make sure as a company, when you have fewer resources than before, you are prioritizing all the right things to be working on and your employees are really productive, that they can actually, have an impact on the things they’re working on so that’s what we are spending our time on”, said the Google. This comment is being seen as Pichai’s plan to reduce number of employees.

He added, “Across everything we do, we can be slower to make decisions. You look at it end-to-end and figure out how to make the company 20 per cent more productive.”

Earlier according to the reports, Google has extended the deadline for freeze hiring. Last month, the company announced a two-week hiring freeze. Two Google employees who spoke to Business Insider informed that the search engine is now extending it for another week.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said last month that productivity in terms of head count is not what we expect. There are too many employees in the company, but there are many of them who are not productive and do not work with the goal in mind.

Google has already said it will slow down its hiring for the rest of the year, but it will continue hiring for key roles. While many big technology companies are laying off a large number of employees in the name of restructuring. Experts agree that the world is worried about a possible recession, which is why we are hearing more about layoffs as companies try to cut costs.

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