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Israeli Minister Urges Hamas Militants to Surrender Ahead of Gaza Assault

Israel Palestine Conflict

Israel Palestine conflict: Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli has made a significant statement in anticipation of a comprehensive ground assault on Gaza, stating that while Hamas lacks human values, Israel may consider showing “mercy” to Palestinian militants who lay down their weapons and surrender.

Chikli advised Hamas militants, saying, “My recommendation for Hamas militants is to lay down your arms, raise your hands, emerge from your tunnels, and there may be mercy.”

This statement comes as Israel plans a coordinated ground, air, and sea offensive against Hamas militants in Gaza. Approximately 1.1 million Gazans have been urged to relocate from the north to the southern areas of Wadi Gaza for their safety.

No mercy

Chikli acknowledged that Hamas demonstrates no mercy or human values, and he does not expect the Gaza-based militant group to exhibit any.

“As far as I know, we have more than 120 confirmed hostages. We will make every effort to bring them back home. It won’t be simple. As you know, Hamas has absolutely zero mercy, zero human values…So, we have no expectations from Hamas. Still, we believe we might, with intelligence and effort, possibly rescue some of them,” he added.

The Israeli military has confirmed that 199 hostages are being held by Hamas militants in Gaza. While efforts are underway to pinpoint their exact location, the military has some idea of where they might be.

Chikli also expressed gratitude to the government and people of India for their support in Israel’s fight against Hamas militants.

Share same value

“I want to tell the people of India – we share the same values, we cherish life, we cherish good…We believe in human values. I want to thank the leadership of India, the people of India for being with us shoulder-to-shoulder in this battle against brutal jihadist barbaric Islamists. This is not just our war; this is your war too, and we will win it together with your support,” he emphasized.

Israel has declared war on Hamas and vowed to eradicate the militant group following their invasion of Israel on October 7. The militants infiltrated Israel through land, air, and sea, causing extensive damage to Israeli communities and resulting in the deaths of more than 1,300 people, mostly civilians.

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