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Know what’s happening in Russia- Ukraine war

On Wednesday, the International Court of Justice, while giving its verdict on the war between Russia and Ukraine for the last 21 days, said that both sides should stop this war immediately. The ICJ said in its order that Russia and Ukraine should not escalate the dispute to the war. US President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jane Pasky has said that buying India’s crude oil from Russia does not violate any sanctions imposed by the US.

When asked about the reports of crude oil being bought from Russia at a lower price, he said, “Our message to any country will be that they follow the sanctions imposed by us. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has made a big statement amid the horrific attacks in Ukraine. Lavrov said on Wednesday that some agreements were being agreed with Ukraine. He said that Ukraine’s “neutral status” is being seriously considered.

The Russian army is also extending its helping hand in evacuating the Indians trapped in Ukraine. Three Indians trapped in the Ukrainian city of Kherson were rescued with the help of Russian soldiers. This is the first such rescue operation since the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Kyiv: After the Russian attack on Ukraine, many times words like ‘World War 3’ have been heard. Biden himself has said that if NATO joins this war, it will be the third world war. The Russian Foreign Minister had also said that if the Third World War happened, it would be fought with nuclear weapons. Now Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the Third World War has begun. In his emotional address to the US Congress, Zelensky said he was disappointed to see Russian crackdown on hundreds of children.

Zelensky said – heart is broken by what Russia is doing

Many people got buried under the rubble. However, it is not yet known how many people have been injured. Satellite imagery Maxar said Monday images showed the word “child” in large white letters in Russian language on the front and back of the building. “What Russia is doing to our people breaks my heart,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his speech last night.

Russian forces on Wednesday destroyed a theater in Mariupol where hundreds of people had taken refuge and bombed other cities. Ukrainian officials gave this information. However, both sides have shown an optimistic view of negotiation efforts to end the war. Ukraine’s foreign ministry said in a statement that the airstrikes destroyed the center of a magnificent building where hundreds of civilians were living after their homes were destroyed in fighting.

The vandalism continues 22 days after the Russia-Ukraine war. Attacks that started on military bases have now reached residential areas. The Russian army opened fire on the theater of Ukraine last night, in which many people are feared dead. The city council said hundreds of people, including many children, were hiding in this Mariupol theater. Officials said it was not possible to determine the death toll in the Mariupol drama theater attack as Russian bombings of residential areas continued.

Due to this, the rescue workers have not been able to reach the people who are trapped here.

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