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MG ZS EV: Electric SUV develops a snag; Scottish man stuck in his own vehicle, details

The Glasgow driver struggled to get his electric vehicle to brake. Instead, he was locked up in his moving car until authorities were compelled to take extreme measures.

Scottish Man 'Kidnapped' by his MG ZS EV in Glasgow, Do Read

MG ZS EV: The worst possible scenario played out in Glasgow, Scotland, after a guy appeared to be locked inside his driving electric car with no means to get out. On his way home from work on Sunday night, 53-year-old Brian Morrison encountered a problem.

Scottish Man ‘Kidnapped’ by his MG ZS EV

When approaching a roundabout at 30 mph, Morrison claimed he became aware of the issue but was unable to slow down. He was able to navigate the roundabout, but even without the driver accelerating, the automobile kept going at a constant speed. Later, he claimed, a loud, grinding sound resembling brake pads could be heard. Having trouble moving around, Morrison claimed to be confined inside the vehicle. He called the police to come help him in this weird situation.

Morrison acknowledged that they had never encountered such a problem before and were at a loss for what to do. The rescue effort involved three police cars, and after several unsuccessful attempts to turn off the engine, it finally rammed into a police car. Before the RAC arrived, police were forced to wait with the car for several hours.

What did the company say?

MG Motor UK stated that it was looking at the situation and attempting to fix it.  “MG Motor UK has been urgently trying to make contact with Mr Morrison so that his vehicle can be fully inspected by our engineering team. We take this matter very seriously and now that contact has been made, we are making every effort to resolve matters quickly and comprehensively for him,” said a spokesperson.

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