Aam Aadmi Party: Ex-Minister to Face Police Interrogation? Says No Summon Received

Aam Aadmi Party: Rajendra Pal Gautam, the former minister of social welfare for the city of Delhi who resigned on Sunday following BJP complaints over his attendance at a religious conversion event, has reportedly been called in by the police for questioning on Wednesday, according to reports. Mr. Gautam stated that he has not been summoned. “There has been no notification. This evening when the police came to question me, I provided the requested information,” he informed the press.
The Buddhist Society of India had an event in Delhi on Saturday, and the BJP has criticized Mr. Gautam’s attendance as causing religious strife.

Many Dalits converted to Buddhism at the event, which was perceived as anti-Hindu. The minister was reportedly heard swearing, “I shall have no confidence in Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara, and I shall not worship them,” as part of a group of people.

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What Gautam said about the event?

It was a “social and religious event,” according to Mr. Gautam. According to him, those who were converting to Buddhism were making the traditional 22 commitments laid down by BR Ambedkar. He stated, “These are repeated in these activities held each year since 1956.”

He stressed that the event had nothing to do with politics and that he was attending it in his own capacity since it threatened to be a setback for the Aam Aadmi Party before the Gujarat elections.
When asked if Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had ordered him to step down, he said that the AAP leader “did not even know about the situation.”

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Posters criticising Mr. Gautam appeared in Vadodara as the AAP emerged as the leading opposition party to the BJP in Gujarat.

“I shall steadfastly and without limitations carry on fighting for rights and against social injustices,” Gautam

Yesterday following his resignation, Mr. Gautam tweeted: “Maharishi Valmiki Ji’s manifestation day is today, and Manyavar Kanshi Ram Saheb’s death anniversary is also today. By a strange coincidence, today is also my birthday and I’ve been set free from many bonds. Now, I shall steadfastly and without limitations carry on fighting for rights and against social injustices.”

The Aam Aadmi Party is silent on the subject.

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