Boxing Icon and Olympic Medalist Vijender Singh Ditches Congress, Joins BJP Ahead of Polls

Vijender Singh

Olympic medalist Vijender Singh has made a significant move in the political arena by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), marking a notable shift from his previous affiliation with the Congress. This transition comes as a notable development just weeks before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, adding another twist to the political landscape.

Having previously contested the general elections in 2019 under the Congress banner, Vijender Singh’s decision to switch to the BJP is seen as a strategic move by the ruling party. His unsuccessful bid for the South Delhi constituency against BJP’s Ramesh Bidhuri in 2019 has now taken a different turn with his alignment with the BJP.

Impact on Electoral Dynamics

Sources suggest that the Congress had plans to field Vijender Singh against BJP stalwart Hema Malini in the Mathura constituency. However, his move to the BJP is anticipated to bolster the party’s support among the influential Jat community, particularly in regions like Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh. With his extensive campaign involvement, Vijender Singh is expected to contribute significantly to the BJP’s electoral prospects in these areas.

A Sporting Icon Embraces BJP

Renowned for being the first Indian boxer to secure an Olympic medal, Vijender Singh’s decision to join the BJP was accompanied by words of appreciation for the party’s stance on empowering sportspersons. Describing his move as a “homecoming,” Singh expressed gratitude towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for the recognition and respect accorded to athletes in the country under their governance.

He highlighted the positive transformation in the treatment of Indian sportspersons both domestically and internationally, attributing it to the BJP-led government’s initiatives. Singh’s endorsement of the BJP’s approach towards uplifting athletes resonates with his aspirations to contribute to societal welfare and guide individuals towards the right path.

A Thoughtful Transition

In an interview following his decision, Vijender Singh clarified that his move to the BJP was a result of careful consideration and a desire to contribute towards the betterment of sportspersons, particularly those from his home state of Haryana. He emphasized the need to focus on positive initiatives and refrained from delving into any grievances with the Congress, portraying his decision as a fresh start towards constructive engagement.

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