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Hyderabad: Amit Shah Criticises the “Cruel” Nizam Rule at an Event

Hyderabad: Amit Shah, the union home minister, today took a go at individuals who have “turned back” on celebrating the day because of vote-bank politics and their “fear” of the Razakars, a private army who supported the former Nizam authority in Hyderabad and claimed credit for “liberating” Hyderabad.

“Hyderabad Liberation Day,”

“After so many years, there was a desire in our country for the government to take part in the celebration of Hyderabad Liberation Day. Unfortunately, despite 75 years of control, vote-bank politics prevented those in power from daring to mark Hyderabad Liberation Day “Says Mr. Shah.
On “Hyderabad Liberation Day,” he welcomed the residents of Telangana, Hyderabad-Karnataka, and Marathwada and commended them for their valiant struggle against the “atrocities” of the “Razakars” to unite.

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“They have fear, thus they do not celebrate as on the day of Hyderabad’s liberation. I want to encourage people to stop being afraid and that’s because this country gained independence 75 years ago, Razakars cannot make decisions for it “In an apparent jab at Telangana Chief Minister KCR’s concurrent event, the Home Minister remarked.

Amit Shah Hails Modi

I wish to congratulate Modi for choosing to observe Hyderabad Liberation Day because he recognised the needs of the people of Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.
At various celebrations in the state, both the federal government and the TRS-controlled Telangana state government are commemorating the day. While the BJP-led Center refers to it as a day of freedom from the “cruel” Nizam rule, the KCR administration designates it as “Telangana National Integration Day” in a statement.

Mr. Shah thanked PM Modi for designating the historical day as Liberation Day. “I want to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for designating today as “Hyderabad Mukti Din.” I urge everyone to come out and celebrate in huge numbers, even though people here do so annually despite the fact that many still live in terror “Speaking to a crowd assembled to commemorate the day the former Hyderabad state joined the Indian Union, he remarked in Secunderabad. “I want to honour and appreciate everyone who participated in the independence movement. All of the andolans (agitations) that occurred throughout the conflict, “Added he.
Several dignitaries, including Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, attended the Center’s ceremony.

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The Nizam-ruled Hyderabad state at the time was incorporated into the Union of India on September 17, 1948, as a result of a military operation started by the then-home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Home Minister Amit Shah stated in his speech that the Akhand Bharat ideal and Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of Swatantra Bharat (Independent India) would not have been achievable without the liberation of Hyderabad.

The Telangana people’s ambition of integrating with India was realised on this day, according to the TRS government, which accuses the BJP of engaging in polarising politics.

“On this day known as “Hyderabad Liberation Day,” greetings to the residents of Telangana, Hyderabad-Karnataka, and the Marathwada region. I humbly pay respect to the heroic soldiers and martyrs who bravely battled to unite Hyderabad with the Union of India in the face of Razakar atrocities during the tyrannical Nizam reign “The first tweet from Mr. Shah this morning.

The Razakars demanded that the Hyderabad state secede from the Union of India and either join Pakistan or turn become a Muslim dominion after India became independent.

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