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Rajasthan Congress Manifesto 2023: Congress Unveils Mega Promises! Jobs, Farm Reforms, and Affordable Petrol

Discover the expansive promises made by the Congress in its Rajasthan election manifesto, which includes a range of reforms for agriculture, jobs and reasonably priced petrol.

Rajasthan Congress Manifesto 2023: On Tuesday, Congress unveiled its platform for the upcoming assembly elections. This contains a significant announcement for young people and farmers. This includes a pledge to give 4 lakh young people government jobs. In addition, 10 lakh young people will receive jobs. Additionally, it’s rumoured that the Swaminathan Committee’s recommendations will be implemented into the MSP law for farmers. Aside from this, it has been reported that the petrol cylinder, which was previously available for Rs 500, will now be given for Rs 400, taking into account inflation and the interests of women.

Congress’ Initial Pledges for Rajasthan Elections

Nonetheless, Congress has already made seven promises regarding the Rajasthan Assembly elections prior to the release of this manifesto. This includes providing women with an annual financial assistance of Rs 10,000, giving everyone a petrol cylinder for Rs 500, giving young people enrolled in government colleges a free tablet or laptop, purchasing cow dung from farmers, and providing disaster relief insurance worth Rs 25 lakh. Included are announcements about the promotion of English-medium schools in government schools and laws pertaining to the old pension plan for employees.

Key points of Congress Manifesto

  • According to the Swaminathan Committee’s recommendations, an MSP law will be introduced for farmers.
  • The Chiranjeevi insurance policy will now have a value of Rs 50 lakh instead of Rs 25 lakh.
  • Four lakh youth will work for the government. Ten lakh young people will have jobs.
  • At the Panchayat level, a new government job card will be created.
  • The price of a petrol cylinder, which is currently available for Rs 500, will soon drop to Rs 400.
  • Education up to the 12th grade will be free in private educational institutions as well thanks to the state’s adoption of the RTE law.
  • There will be an increase in MNREGA and Indira Gandhi urban employment from 125 to 150 days.
  • Small business owners and traders will be able to apply for interest-free loans up to Rs 5 lakh through the Merchant Credit Card Scheme.
  • Officers will receive the apex scale, and government employees will receive the fourth pay scale series with 9, 18, and 27.
  • Roads will connect hamlets and villages with a population of no more than 100.
  • Every urban ward and village will have security guards on duty.
  • With the passage of the Right to Housing Act, everyone will have access to housing.
  • There will be a caste census.
  • The current programmes will be reinforced even more.

Manifesto to Policy

Even in the most recent assembly elections, the Cabinet immediately adopted the public manifesto that the Congress had issued and elevated it to the status of a policy-making letter. More than 90% of the pledges made in that manifesto, according to the government, have been met.

BJP Unveils Agenda as Priyanka Gandhi Accuses of Caste-Based Politics

The BJP published its manifesto last week. Concurrently, Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who arrived in Ajmer on Monday for an election rally, charged the BJP of engaging in caste- and religion-based politics, and stated that those who seek votes on the basis of caste or religion should be held accountable. They are unable to solicit votes based solely on their output.

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