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Queen Elizabeth II And Her Evergreen Love Story

A seven-decade-long period also came to an end with the death of Queen Elizabeth in Britain on Thursday. Queen Elizabeth, who took over the monarchy at the age of 25, will be remembered for her many things. Her love story is also heart touching. At the age of just 13, she fell in love with Prince Philip, 18-year-old Prince of Greece. Elizabeth was greatly impressed by Prince Philip’s beauty and his simplicity. For 18 years, Prince Philip also never thought of anyone other than Elizabeth. Their relationship has always been an inspiration to everyone. The Queen had several times told Prince Philip her strength.

Philip Mountbatten was 18 years old when he was working hard to make a career in the Royal Navy. He reached the Royal Naval College, London to achieve his goal. Elizabeth’s father King George also studied in this college. Many times both of them met at many royal events but both were never properly introduced.

Both were directly associated with Queen Victoria. Both were distant cousins ​​and sisters of each other. According to Town and Country, Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice, was born at Windsor Castle in 1885. Queen Victoria was present there at the time of Alice’s birth. Prince Philip was joined by Queen Victoria on his mother’s side, while Elizabeth was on her father’s side.

When 13-year-old Elizabeth came to visit Navy College, she was introduced to Prince Philip. Close to the family believed that it was love at first sight between the two. Marion Crawford, Queen Elizabeth’s nanny, wrote in her book, ‘The Little Princess’, that whenever Elizabeth saw Prince Philip, she used to blush.

She could never take her eyes off him. Her interest in Prince Philip was understood by her cousin Margaret Rodhas. Rodhas wrote in the auto-biography ‘The Final Courtesy’, ‘The princess was in true love from the beginning.’ Not only Elizabeth but her father King George also felt that Prince Philip was the right man for their daughter.

Letters were exchanged between the two for many years. At the time of World War II, when the Prince was fighting on the side of Britain, even at that time Elizabeth would express her love through letters. When Prince Philip returned from the Pacific Theater in 1946, their relationship became stronger. In June this year, Prince Philip proposed to the Queen for marriage. Prince Philip proposed to Elizabeth for marriage at Balmore Ground and she could not deny it.

According to British journalists covering Buckingham Palace, Prince Philip proposed to Elizabeth for marriage by writing a letter. The letter that Prince Philip wrote to propose to Elizabeth was also quite romantic.

When Elizabeth turned 21 in July 1947, her engagement to Prince Philip was announced. Prince Philip rejected the Greek and Danish monarchies to marry Elizabeth. Both got married in November 1947. Although many people objected to the marriage of both. Many believed that Prince Philip was German and Greek and was not a good fit for Queen. The couple got married at Westminster Abbey and vowed never to leave each other’s side. About 2000 guests attended their wedding.

The two lived together for 75 years. Their relationship was based on love and respect. Both loved each other very much and were always together. According to close relatives of the royal family, when Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99, the Queen began to feel quite alone.

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