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Rahul Gandhi Targets BJP In London And Compares India And Pakistan

Rahul Gandhi’s statement has surfaced in London where he has targeted PM Modi while comparing India to Pakistan.

While opposing PM Modi, he also said that BJP has spread kerosene all over the country. This time, ED, CBI are being heavily used to reduce the powers of the states. An ideology has crushed the voice of India. Now this is a national ideological battle.

Rahul Gandhi also said that the country’s media is not fair, it is also behaving unilaterally by standing on one side.

“The deep state, the CBI and ED, is now chewing and eating the Indian state much like what happened in Pakistan,” he said in a speech to a conference of business people, MPs and academics in London.

“A soul without a voice means nothing and what has happened is that India’s voice has been crushed by an ideology and and crushed by the institutional framework of our country itself, which has become parasitical,” the Congress leader said.

“Anybody who thinks this is a fight between one political organisation and another set of political organisations has not understood what is going on. We are now fighting the institutional structure of the Indian state, which has been captured by an organisation. This is an ideological battle now and it is a national ideological battle. Which means, of course, that we respect, for example, the DMK as a Tamil political organisation, but the Congress is the party that has the ideology at the national level.”

“India is not a good place,” he told the delegates at the “Ideas for India” conference organised by think tank Bridge India. He said it was the responsibility of the opposition and Congress to bring religions, states and communities together to cool the temperature down to avoid the “uncontrolled mass upset seen in Sri Lanka”. “We are sitting on an India that is primed — we have massive levels of polarisation, huge unemployment and a massive concentration of poverty, social problems are coming, there is going to be a mass upset,” he warned.

“India is a union of states and described as that in our Constitution. It is not described as a nation. It is a union of states and the design developed by Mahatma Gandhi emerged over the freedom movement (and) was a negotiation between these states and identities and religions. And so India didn’t develop top down and almost emerged bottom up; and all these states, they all got together and created a negotiated peace, let’s say,” Rahul said. But “now what has happened is there is a systematic attack on the institutions that allow that conversation to take place”, he said.

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