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RELIGION: These lines of the palm gives sign of bad luck, creates obstacles in work

The lines on our hands determine our character as well as the future. Let us tell you today about five such lines and signs, which indicate danger.

Since time immemorial, man has been interested in knowing his future. Palmistry is an ancient branch of science. Through this knowledge, the character of a person and his future can be assessed on the basis of the lines on the palm. The lines on the hands tell you about auspicious and inauspicious events. There are five such lines and symbols which indicate danger.

1. Barrier Line

The small lines that intersect the life line are called barrier lines. According to the place where such lines intersect the life line, at what age an accident or serious illness will happen to the person is easy to know. The presence of a barrier on the life line is a sign of bad luck.

2. Circle Line

Every person has seven mountains in his hand, the place of each mountain is fixed. If there is a circle line on those mountains then its positive effect gets reduced. This creates a negative effect. If this circle line appears in Jupiter then it creates a positive effect. It means that your wish will come true.

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3. Island Sign

Many types of signs are seen in the hand of every person, out of which eight are prominent. One of these is the island symbol. When this type of sign appears on the palm, then luck will be at the lowest level. Students will get bad results, there will be no development of a love relationship. During this period, if you really put in the effort, you will be able to develop your abilities. Meanwhile, your luck will be fine.

4. Health Line

If the life line is contiguous with the health line, then there is some physical pain in the coming days. If this line becomes deep, then understand that you are going to get sick in the coming time. If some lines emerge from this line, it means that the person may have many types of diseases.

5. Cross

Having a cross line means that you will have trouble or obstacle during that period. If there is a black mole in the palms, then it shows that troubles and obstacles will remain for a long time.

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