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Should you consider buying a diesel car in India? Implications explained

Here, we have explained reason to buy and not to buy diesel cars in India in 2023. Check out more details below.

Diesel Cars

Diesel cars always remain a priority for people who want better fuel efficiency and performance. Diesel-powered cars generate much better torque than their petrol variants. But as the Indian Government is proceeding to achieve the Net Zero emission goal by 2030, it has made norms for diesel-powered vehicles stricter than ever before. There is news circulating about the increased taxes and regulations on diesel vehicles. These reasons make the future of Diesel vehicles uncertain in the country and force consumers to think if they buy diesel cars or not. Check out if buying a diesel car is a good decision or not in 2023. 

Reasons to Buy Diesel Vehicles

Fuel Efficiency

Diesel cars offer much better fuel efficiency than their petrol counterparts which eventually leads to lower running costs. This is one of the major advantages of diesel vehicles till now. 

Torque and Performance

Diesel engines are capable of providing much better torque and performance translating into increased pickup. This is the primary reason why off-roading enthusiasts always choose diesel vehicles over petrol-powered ones.

Higher Resale Value

Diesel vehicles usually have a better resale value than their petrol counterparts. People usually find better deals on second-hand diesel cars. 

Reasons not to Buy Diesel Vehicles

High Initial Cost

Diesel cars come with a higher price tag than petrol vehicles. The price difference between diesel and petrol-powered cars offsets fuel savings over a short period of vehicle ownership. 

Pollution and Emissions

Diesel engine produces much more pollution than petrol vehicles as they emit a higher amount of Particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide when compared to petrol vehicles. This is the major reason why the government is becoming increasingly stricter on diesel-powered cars. 

Prone to be Banned

There are discussions and proposals to completely ban diesel-powered vehicles in major cities of India by 2027. This is also a big reason to avoid buying diesel vehicles in 2023. 

Higher Taxes and Regulations

In India, the government has made regulations for diesel vehicles stricter than ever before. Apart from this, the authorities have also implemented higher taxation norms for diesel vehicles leaving them not a good and attractive choice to opt in 2023. 

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