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The flag of Ukraine was again raised in Kharkiv, the Russian army fled from the field

More than 6 months have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine. The period of tension between the two countries is still going on. But now somewhere Russia seems to be losing from Ukraine. Seeing the beginning of the war, it seemed that Russia would soon conquer Ukraine. But this did not happen. By underestimating the power of Ukraine, the Russian army made the biggest mistake. However, Ukraine got many big and chewy weapons to fight with other countries. This gave a lot of support to the war-torn country. Now news is coming that Ukraine has got great success in Kharkiv area. The flag of Ukraine is once again flying in Kharkiv.

Actually, Russia has also confirmed to leave this area. The Russian army is leaving the Kharkiv area and returning. The Ukrainian flag is now flying in the city of Balaklia in the region, which is a huge success for a country that has been facing Russian aggression for six months. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has also issued its statement on this development and said that “this is just the beginning”. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “We have evacuated at least 30 areas from the Russian army.”

Ukraine flag waved in Kharkiv
The Russian army has retreated in Kharkiv. The Ukrainian army claims to have liberated Balaklia from Russian military occupation. The Ukrainian flag is once again hoisted in the town centre. The hero of this success is believed to be the commander of the Ukrainian Land Force, Colonel General Oleksandr. Commander Oleksandr said that if the Ukrainian army gets a little more victory, then the Russian army will be scattered. At the same time, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said that Russia’s supply chain and weapons stockpiles in Kharkiv have also been destroyed.

Russia has admitted for the first time that the Russian army has retreated in Kharkiv.

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