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Toyota Expected to Revolutionize EV Industry with Solid State Batteries; Here’s How

Japanese auto company, Toyota is near to achieve a major breakthrough in the development of solid-state batteries. These batteries will provide a claimed range of 1200 km in a solitary charge. Check out more details below.


Toyota solid- state batteries: Renowned Automaker, Toyota has recently announced that the company is near to achieving success in solid state battery for EVs. The new battery technology will significantly reduce the overall manufacturing cost of electric vehicles. The new solid-state batteries developed by the brand are claimed to offer a range of up to 1200 Km on a solitary charge. If it’s true, then these batteries will revolutionize the EV industry and attract a larger base of customers to buy an EV instead of ICE vehicles. If you are also curious to know how these batteries will make these things happen in the real world, check out more details below.

What is Solid State Battery?

Solid state batteries are made using Anode, cathode and electrolyte as the primary elements. As per the company, these batteries allow ions to move faster and come with a higher capability to tolerate high temperatures and high voltages. These specs assist solid-state batteries to achieve a higher driving range and a less charging time. Toyota claims that these batteries will provide 20 percent higher range while cruising when compared with the vehicle that come equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Difference between Solid State and Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are made up of liquid electrolytes when compared with solid state batterie. These batteries go to very high temperature under pressure and sometimes they also catch fire. Lithium-ion batteries contain metal oxide electrode, graphite electrode and electrolyte of lithium salt.

Toyota Solid-State Batteries: Launch Timeline

The Japanese automaker has plans to showcase the new battery technology in it EVs by 2028. Diving into more details, these batteries will be manufactured at the company’s Teiho production facility situated in Aichi prefecture in Japan.

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