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Traffic Rules: Beware! Do you love Standing out of the sunroof, Check out what you can lose

People can get out of the moving vehicle and enjoy their ride thanks to the Car Sunroof feature. Many people, however, are unaware that doing so can endanger their lives. In addition, police can issue a challan for this.

Traffic Rules: Cars with sunroofs have recently grown in popularity among Indian car purchasers. The majority of consumers now prefer to buy cars with sunroofs. Standing outside the sunroof of a moving automobile can be a thrilling experience for both children and adults, but it is also risky. You’ve probably seen people do stuff like this before, or you’ve done it yourself for fun.

Traffic Rules: Sunroof

Let us warn you that doing so is unsafe for anyone and a violation of traffic laws. A challan might also be filed against the car owner for such behaviour. The traffic police have launched a campaign to put a halt to such dangerous activities. The police are ready to issue online challans to the owners of numerous similar cars photographed on CCTV cameras.

If a person is seen getting out of a moving automobile by opening the sunroof, the vehicle is immediately stopped by police and a challan is issued. According to media sources, a challan of up to Rs 1,000 may be imposed in several states for doing so.

The police have begun imposing a Rs 1,000 fine on those who come out of the sunroof on the road, deeming it a breach of Section 184(F) of the Motor Vehicles Act. This means that any violation of the rules anywhere in the country can result in a fine.

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