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Twitter Edit button: What will the edit button do? All you need to know about the new feature

Twitter Edit button: Twitter has confirmed that some users are testing the much-anticipated edit button. The microblogging platform acknowledged that it is testing the feature through a tweet. The firm tweeted, “If you see a changed Tweet, it’s because we’re testing the edit button.

Additionally, Twitter stated that only those who are prepared to pay for it will have access to the edit button. Simply said, this means that unlike all other platform features, the option will not be provided without charge. The firm made it clear that initially, the edit option will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers in an official blog post.

Twitter Edit button: Testing

Our team is internally testing Edit Tweet. In the ensuing weeks, the test will first be made available to Twitter Blue subscribers. Given that this is the feature that has had the most requests from users so far, we wanted to let you know how we were doing and to let you know that, even if you’re not part of the test group, everyone will be able to see if a Tweet has been changed,” the microblogging site said in a blog post. This simply means that, at least during the opening days, not all users will have access to the edit option.

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Twitter Edit button: Features

The edit button will allow Twitter users (paying subscribers) to amend their tweets after they have been posted. Users who frequently make typos in their tweets or who occasionally wish to add more after publishing them may find the edit feature to be of great assistance. There is a catch, though.

Tweets can now be altered “a few times in the 30 minutes after their publication,” according to Twitter. According to the business, “updated tweets will appear with an icon, timestamp, and label so it’s evident to readers that the original Tweet has been amended.” The business wrote in a blog post, “Tapping the label will lead users to the Tweet’s Edit History, which includes previous versions of the Tweet.

“Here, the time limit and version history are crucial. They produce a record of what was said that is accessible to the public and aid in maintaining the integrity of the discourse, the business claimed.

According to Twitter, the edit tweet tool is now being tested with a limited group in order to “incorporate comments while detecting and resolving potential issues.” The social media business said that later this month, Twitter Blue subscribers would start receiving the option to modify tweets. It should be noted that Twitter Blue is still not formally accessible in India. As a result, we may anticipate the debut of the subscription in the nation very soon with the addition of the edit button.

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