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Unlock the Secret to BLACKPINK Jennie’s Immaculate, Radiant Complexion

BLACKPINK Jennie: All too often, we are left in awe of the luminous skin of our favourite K-pop idols, more specifically, BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Despite an intensely packed schedule, Jennie manages to maintain her flawless skin, offering up the mystery to her unrivalled radiance in interviews and social media posts.

Discover the Miracles of Double Cleansing

The cornerstone of Jennie’s skincare regime is double cleansing, a two-step process where one initially uses an oil-based cleanser to remove make-up, followed by a water-based cleanser. This ensures the removal of every trace of make-up and impurities from her skin before she retires for the night.

The Radiance Booster: Facial Masks

Next up in her skincare arsenal is facial masks. In the past, Jennie has sworn by the efficacy of using two facial masks a day for optimal results. However, she now emphasises more on a balanced diet, even though her masking habit remains.

Relying on Nature’s Scrub: Bath Salts

Not just limited to facial skincare, Jennie incorporates bath salts for body exfoliation into her beauty routine. She follows it up with moisturising to maintain the skin’s suppleness and smoothness.

Glow From Within: The Jennie Diet

Jennie stresses the importance of a wholesome diet to achieve that natural radiance that no beauty product can replicate. Detox juice and chicken feet collagen soup are staples in her morning routine. While she doesn’t refrain from eating for fear of weight gain, she does avoid salty food and drinks plenty of green juices, as can be seen from her Instagram.

Exercise: The Unexpected Skin Enhancer

Finally, Jennie touts the benefits of regular exercise in keeping the skin clear. She often shares glimpses of her flying yoga and Pilates sessions on her social media, inspiring fans to incorporate physical activity into their routine. Exercise enhances blood flow, reduces stress-induced breakouts and ensures an overall glow.

Now, armed with these secrets, are you ready to try out BLACKPINK Jennie’s skincare routine for that coveted, glass-like skin?

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