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Viral Animal Video: Big Fat Lizard Sneaks inside a House, Breaks into a Dance; Watch

Video of a Huge Lizard dancing on the floor. The lizard is doing a break dance. Viewers are shocked and laughing at the video. Check out the video and reactions below.

Viral Animal Video: During the summer, lizards are frequently seen inside homes. On the floor of your home, lizards are frequently spotted going from room to room and from kitchen to bathroom. Indian houses often include lizards that are known as house geckos. They are really little. But consider your reaction if you discovered a large lizard inside your home. A large lizard enters a house in a video that is now making the news and tries to flee. But when you see her, you won’t be afraid; rather, you’ll giggle because she’s doing a “break dance”!

Viral Video of a Lizard

Instagram user @viralhog frequently posts strange videos. A large lizard can be seen running from the inside of the home to the outside in a recent video that has been published on this account. If a person is scared by the sight of a little lizard, just think how terrified they would be if they saw a large lizard! This video shows what looks to be a monitor lizard species.

Let us explain what “break dancing” means. The lizard can be seen contorting in this video, just like a dancer would in break dancing. Her feet are slipping, and she can’t walk on the tiled floor. Her feet are unable to grasp on as she moves forward as a result. She is finding it difficult to proceed in such a circumstance.

Viewers Reaction

More than 80,000 people have seen this video, and many more have commented with their thoughts. One said that when he runs away from anything in his nightmares, the same thing also occurs to him. The walkway, according to one, is too slick for a lizard. For the lizard’s ease of movement, it was suggested that you maintain a carpet nearby.

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