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Viral Video: Shocking! Man caught smoking inside Metro; Here’s what happens next

Video of a man smoking beedi inside the metro. Viewers are shocked and reacting to the video. Check out the video and reactions below.

Viral Video: People are in disbelief after watching the footage of beedi smoking inside the Delhi Metro. How could someone get Beedi into the metro? They also had matchsticks with them. This could also be harmful. The flaming match was thrown into the metro carriage itself. He may have also smoked beedi on the platform or at the metro station.

Viral Video of a Man Smoking

Delhi Metro has a smoking ban in place. Not only will marijuana and cigarettes be seized at the station during an inquiry, but also possible legal action may be taken. DMRC occasionally provides guidelines, however some persons choose not to abide by them. Social media users have started disseminating a video. A middle-aged man is shown in this lighting a beedi.

As though he were dozing off on the cot outside his house, Uncle lights the beedi while holding it close to his chest. Uncle carelessly drops the lit matchstick, causing smoke to be released. There is a lot of bustle. Then a fellow traveller cuts him off for lighting beedi in the subway. Uncle, though, seems to be saying, “I also have the ticket,” as he glances at him.

More About the Viral Video

People who tag the metro are sharing videos. Prior to this, it can be seen in the video that the passenger seated next to the uncle gets up and leaves as soon as the uncle begins the procedure of lighting the beedi. He may have believed that no matter who would give an explanation, just go. When individuals are halted in this fashion, they may become irate.

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