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What is the dispute between China and Taiwan?

China has been shocked after the visit of American Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. China has also started maneuvers near the Taiwan border. This also includes its state-of-the-art J-20 aircraft. There is also news that 21 fighter planes of China have entered the border of Taiwan. China has also threatened Taiwan and America to face the consequences. In such a situation, the question is arising that what is the reason for the confrontation between the two countries.

What is the dispute between China and Taiwan?

China is following the path of One China Policy. Under this, he considers Taiwan to be a part of his country. Taiwan, on the other hand, considers itself a sovereign nation. For 73 years, there is a conflict going on between the two countries regarding this matter. The distance between the two countries is only 100 miles. Taiwan is very close to the coast of southeast China. In such a situation, the news of confrontation keeps coming to the fore. China continues to infiltrate even in Taiwan’s maritime border. China does not want any kind of foreign interference on the issue of Taiwan.

Taiwan was previously part of China. The war between the two countries went on for a long time. During 1644, when the Ching dynasty ruled China, Taiwan was part of it. In 1895, China ceded Taiwan to Japan. Since then a dispute started between the two countries. When civil war broke out in China in 1949, the Communists led by Mao Zedong defeated the nationalist Comingtang Party led by Chiang Kai-shek. After this, the Comingtang Party reached Taiwan and went there and formed its government. When Japan was defeated in World War II, it handed over control of Taiwan to Comingtang. Since then, an elected government is being formed in Taiwan. They also have their own constitution. The Communist government of China claims Taiwan as part of its country. China wants to take this island again under its control.

Why is China so restless about Taiwan, for this one has to first understand China’s One China Policy. In 1949, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) formulated the One China Policy. In this, not only was Taiwan considered a part of China, but the places where it had conflicts with other countries, were also made a separate policy considering them as part of China. On the international stage, China has been prominently describing these parts as its own. The policy also covers two specially administered regions, namely Mainland China and Hong Kong-Macao.

Taiwan is also called the country of intellectuals. The population there may be less, but in terms of technology, it is number one in the world.

Taiwan ranks first in the world in terms of chip making. This country produces everything from laptops to expensive phones and watches.

Taiwanese company One Major is one of the world’s largest chip manufacturers. In terms of chip manufacturing in the world, this company alone produces more than half. In this way, the whole world is dependent on Taiwan for the chips used in everything from electric vehicles to phones, laptops and ships to satellites.

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