Delhi High Court Rejects Plea! CA Exams to Proceed as Scheduled Despite Election Clash

CA Exam News

CA Exam News: The inter and final exams for Chartered Accountants (CA) 2024, which are set to take place in May, were not postponed by the Delhi High Court on Monday. The appeal filed by 27 applicants to postpone the tests from May to June in light of the Lok Sabha elections was denied by Judge C Hari Shankar.

CA Exams Will Proceed Despite Candidate Challenges

The court said that the exam, which is scheduled to be taken by some 4.26,000 students, cannot be stopped just because candidates could have difficulties taking it. “This court is surprised that such a request has been made,” the court said.

It further stated that there would be no exams on May 6 and 12, and that the general elections will take place on May 7 and 13. The court stated that the authorities have taken proactive measures to guarantee that the candidates’ ability to cast ballots is unaffected by their exam results.

Delhi High Court Emphasizes Candidate’s Duty to Manage Time

It further said that, should they choose to cast a ballot, it is the candidates’ responsibility to manage their time and itinerary. “For all the aforesaid reason, it is clear on the face of it that the petition is bereft of substance,” the court said while rejecting the plea.

Rescheduling the exam for the second week of June, according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) representative, will cause chaos for the exams. Additionally, he said that every effort has been made to guarantee that there be no tests on the day of the scheduled polls.

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