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EDUCATION: Parents should know these ways to build study habits in children

The pandemic has hit the children in a worse manner,like losing focus from studying. Many kids find difficulty in studying due to some specific reasons. During the pandemic students were forced to adapt to the new normal environment. Studying online for months resulted in children’s less interest in studies and lack of discipline. Today, the need of the hour is to take an approach towards studies that is more interesting and engaging, making a kid’s study habits more productive while exploring strategies that work for them.The only way to keep your child’s interest intact in studies is to figure out new ways to make learning exciting for them. As a parent, it becomes your responsibility to figure out their challenges and the reason behind it to come up with a solution that makes their lives easy!

1. Show direction to new apps

The emergence of technology has opened various exciting doors towards learning. The way the internet is reaching household doors, you can learn anything at anytime and anywhere you want. On the other hand, the game based learning process turns out to be very helpful for children, especially subjects like Mathematics.

2. Eliminate distraction

Making your child focused during study hours seems like a difficult task. But, here is a simple tip you can use, nowadays the mobile phones have become the biggest source of distraction. Keep your mobile phone away while your child is studying. If there is a television or siblings playing at home might become a distraction for your child as well. To do away with these distractions, find a space for your kid which is peaceful as well as ‘not boring’ – to help them focus on studies.

3. Encourage short breaks

Make sure your kid takes breaks in between to refresh their brain. During the break, urge your kid to take a walk, grab a snack, check in with friends or work on a hobby.

4. Praise your child

Everyone loves to be appreciated and it is important for you as a parent to praise your children to keep them motivated. Celebrate their wins no matter how small or big. Console them when they fail to do certain tasks.

5. Give importance to playing and getting enough sleep

It is easy to overlook your kid’s extracurricular activities and sleeping habits, but it is very important for their success.During study breaks, or before and after study sessions, encourage your child to go outside and play.

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